Medical procedure is a therapeutic claim to fame that utilizations usable manual and instrumental strategies on a patient to research or treat a neurotic condition, for example, an infection or damage, to help improve in essence capacity or appearance or to fix undesirable burst regions.

The demonstration of performing medical procedure might be known as a surgery, activity, or basically "medical procedure". In this unique circumstance, the action word "work" signifies to perform medical procedure. The patient or subject on which the medical procedure is performed can be an individual or a creature. A specialist is an individual who practices medical procedure and a specialist's aide is an individual who practices careful help. A careful group is comprised of specialist, specialist's aide, anesthetist, circling medical attendant and careful technologist. Medical procedure more often than not ranges minutes to hours; however it is ordinarily not a progressing or intermittent sort of treatment. The expression "medical procedure" can likewise allude to where medical procedure is performed, or, in British English, just the workplace of a doctor, dental specialist, or veterinarian.